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Txakoli of Getaria

As you emerge at Getaria harbour from Katrapona, the passage that runs underneath the church of San Salvador, you can perceive the carousel of sensations that have for centuries greeted those setting sail for many different motives, and those anxiously awaiting their return. The sea, the Bay of Biscay, imprints its character on the town where, back in 1476, Juan Sebastián Elcano was born. He was the first sailor to circumnavigate the Earth and his fame is set to equal that of txakoli, the wine synonymous with the Basque Country. Its oldest Denomination of Origin (DO) is in Getaria. Founded in 1989, Getariako Txakolina is a Denomination of Origin for 31 wineries and 150 vine growers that work 402 hectares of vineyard, 91% of which are in coastal areas. Behind this achievement lies a lot of hard work on the part of vine growers, entrepreneurs and organisations, considering that in the 1980s  just 21 hectares were recorded, three in Zarautz and the rest in Getaria. In the previous century the figure was as high as 250 hectares.

The year 2015 produced 2,563,519 litres of young white wine. This smooth, pale, sparkling, aromatic and lightly fruity wine is easy to drink, and the cheerful character of the txinparta, or fizz, that results from fermentation, harmonises perfectly with pintxos, fish and seafood. Txakoli is a totally natural product that results from fermenting the juice of the Hondarribi Zuri grape, whose origins are lost in time. The illustrious Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote that wine, the most delightful of drinks, whether we owe it to Noah, who planted the wine, or to Bacchus, who pressed the juice from the grape, dates back to the childhood of the world. 

Despite its pleasant sharpness, txakoli is enjoying a moment of sweetness, as it is increasingly lauded and demanded in different parts of the world. However, any wine is best enjoyed in the place it came from, where it expresses itself fully, revealing details of the land where the grapes grew and of the wine-making tradition of the place, in harmony with local cuisine and displaying the full merits of its palate. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste it in Getaria or to test its versatility as an ingredient in certain dishes.

Of the 30 or so wineries listed in the Txakoli de Getaria DO, twelve are based in Getaria, seven in Zarautz and three in Aia. Red and sparkling txakoli are also sold with the DO stamp.

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When:  Fridays and Saturdays, all year (Sundays from May)
Timetable: 11:30 to 13:00
Meeting point:  To be confirmed at the time of booking
Price: 15€ (Children <12 - 7.50€)

 Pintxo  and txakoli  tasting included

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