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  • Geoparkea
    The Basque Coast Geo Park preserves an important geological, landscape and cultural heritage, offering visitors the opportunity to embark on a fascinating journey through geological time and regional history.
  • Zumaia Tourism
    Kantauri plaza 13
    20750 ZUMAIA

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Two rivers, two beaches, two art museums,... Surrounded by an amazing natural setting, Zumaia offers double feelings.

Located along the river Urola and Narrondo's mouth, Zumaia is a coastal village full of charm. We can go through the streets of its historic quarter among palaces and the monumental Parish of San Pedro (pay attention to Juan de Antxieta's altarpiece). Nevertheless, the visitor will soon realise that it is difficult to walk through Zumaia without finding an open and amazing landscape.

Its location, around an open estuary and surrounded by mountains and cliffs, fills this visit with blues and greens. The blues of the river, its modern marina, and the sea, with a breakwater that invites us to walk. The greens of nature that, in Zumaia, acquires unique shapes. While at the Algorri Point the materials found seem to indicate that a meteor fell there 65 millions of years ago, along the entire coast between Zumaia and Deba the geologists study the 'flysch' phenomenon (cliffs with vertical stratum) and its 'tidal zone' or coastal platform, the biggest in the Cantabrian Sea.

The geological phenomenon called Flysch converts this stunning coastal cliffs between Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku in a kind of book that tells the story of more than 50 million years. From the tip of Algorri, the hermitage of San Telmo or Itzurun beach can enjoy this amazing scenery and breathtaking sunsets. Zumaia is excellent access to discover the "protected biotope Zumaia-Deba" and the "Basque Coast Geopark."

Zumaia coast's peculiarities, which we can observed going through its tracks or by guided visits, are already noticeable in the Itzurun Beach, dominated by the Hermitage of San Telmo. The Santiago Beach is biggest and it is located near the Zuloaga Museum, in a spot that formerly was a reference within the Road to Santiago.

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