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Its long beach and its wide hotel and service offer makes Zarautz a perfect village for spending the summer... or any other part of the year.

Zarautz preserves some of the sea character of that medieval village devoted to whaling -a cetacean, a castle and a lion appear in its coat of arms-. Moreover, Zarautz preserves much of the tourist splendour that made it a reference for aristocracy in the 19th century. Queen Isabel II spent her summers here.

At present, Zarautz is, with San Sebastián's permission, the most tourist place in the territory of Gipuzkoa, where tourism is not too much spread. Many sporadic or regular visitors join the people from Zarautz and enjoy a pleasant town, with an outstanding gastronomic offer and, above all, the beach.

With 2,500 metres of length, the Zarautz Beach is the widest beach in Gipuzkoa. The waves make it the venue for international surfing competitions. Everybody goes through a very long and lively maritime promenade that shows above the beach, and everybody meets there. The promenade is marked out by cafés where we can get our strength back and by delightful avant-garde sculptures.

Inside the town, the historic quarter allows us to observe several small palaces and manor houses: the Luzea Tower, the Portu House (present Town Hall), the Dotorekua House, the Narros Palace,... Zarautz also has an outstanding cultural activity.

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