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Location of Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Aia and Orio on an imaginary line. Getaria is highlighted More info about Zumaia More info about Getaria More info about Zarautz More info about Orio More info about Aia


The seaman Juan Sebastián Elkano and the couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga. The original txakoli and the fish grills. Something would happen here for such a small village like Getaria to be the birthplace of so many stimuli.

Mount San Antón, known as the Getaria's Mouse, gets into the sea and protects the port. In the Middle Ages, the boats set sail from this port in search of the whale that appears in the village's coat of arms. Throughout the centuries, this port has been fishing, merchant, defensive, and, at present, a marine. A sea village like Getaria, whose streets smell of tempting grilled fishes, welcomes the visitors with a monument devoted to a distinguished seaman. Juan Sebastián Elkano was born here and he was the first person who went round the world. Another illustrious person from Getaria was Cristóbal Balenciaga, but in a very different aspect. He made clothes for princesses and film stars and will be remembered in a permanent exhibition, Balenciaga museum. The medieval quarter is dominated by the Church of San Salvador, a national monument of a high artistic and historic value: in 1397 the Hermandad Guipuzcoana (Gipuzkoa's Brotherhood), the origin of the historic territory of Gipuzkoa, was founded in there. After walking through the streets and the port, Getaria invites us to choose one of its two beaches, Malkorbe or Gaztetape. Alternatively, we can go through the rural quarters that surround it, in which we will find many of the vineyards with which they elaborate the txakoli, Getaria's typical white wine.

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