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  • Pagoeta Nature Park
    It strikes the perfect balance between the natural and human environments.

Location of Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Aia and Orio on an imaginary line. Aia is highlighted More info about Zumaia More info about Getaria More info about Zarautz More info about Orio More info about Aia


Located in the Comarca that looks at the sea, Aia gives a green counterpoint to villages such as Orio and Zarautz, acting as the entrance to the Pagoeta Natural Park.

"There are no municipal problems in Aya", titled a local newspaper in the 60s in an article devoted to the village. It tried to express the peace that characterised and still characterises Aia: a series of solidly made farmhouses, gentle mountains, small population centres, and old hermitages.

Taking the GI-2631 road between Orio and Zarautz, very near the coast, the visitor gets deeper into a more rural and relaxed valley, made up of the River Oria's tributaries. Altzola, Etxetaballa, Arrutiegia, Laurgain, Urdaneta, Andatza, Iruretaegia, Olaskoagaegia, Elkano and La Ría are the names of the scattered quarters that are set in a green landscape, together with the built-up area on which the silhouette of the Parish Church of San Esteban is imposing. We will also find many small hermitages and megalithic monuments.

Aia is the access to the Pagoeta Natural Park, classified as such in 1982 by Gipuzkoa's Provincial Council. Besides its natural and landscape values, the forest park located around Mount Pagoeta stands out due to its recovering of the pre-industrial heritage. Together with several water mills, they have brought again into operation the old Agorregi Foundry. The Iturrarán Farmhouse, dating from the 14th century, has become the Park's Interpretation and Information Centre. It is surrounded by a botanical garden.


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