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The Bedua meander and islands (Zumaia)

The Bedua meander

The Bedua meander is located at the end of the Urola estuary, on the outskirts of Zumaia. After passing Oikia and flowing through an open valley, the river suddenly encounters a more abrupt landscape and is channelled between two steep hills. The left bank is occupied at first by vegetable gardens, and then later by woodland and thickets. During the mid-1970s, the right bank was filled in and a large open area was created next to the river. It is part of the estuary in which the movement of the tides and the materials brought downstream by the river have created a unique ecosystem that is home to several interesting botanical and animal communities.

Bedua Islands

Traditionally, these flat, fertile plains have been used for crop farming and industrialisation, so much of the wetland area has been drained.  As a result, the majority of wetland species have disappeared from the Urola estuary.

The meander and the islands

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