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The Marshlands

The Iñurritza marshlands, while covering only a small area of land, contain all of the essential elements of such an ecosystem. They are currently in the process of recovery and we hope that they will be fully restored as soon as possible. People change, as do attitudes, and the area which only a few years ago served as rubbish dump known as "zubiondoko zakarreta" is now taking on a different appearance.

The marshland vegetation is very special and, despite not being particularly varied, offers extraordinary riches given the scarcity of ecosystems inhabited only by plants which, having adapted to withstanding the changing of the tide and the salt residue deposited on the mud, have also had to adapt to an inrush of fresh water. The marshland vegetation plays an essential part in the biological cycle of both, the estuary and of the marshland itself and is vital for the variety of fauna living in the area.


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