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The Dunes

The area lying between the north of the beach and the left-hand side bank of the Iñurritza river is one of the most extensive dune systems in the province, covering around 177,200 m2, most of which are now occupied by the Golf Club installations.

A recently created walkway permits us to visit the dunes and observe their plants, and, if we’re lucky, offers the chance to spot its various inhabitants.

The dunes are extremely fragile formations, given that the vegetation there is easily ripped out at the roots by the wind, which can cause destruction of the habitat.

The plants living on the side of the dune, which faces the sea, can suffer a great deal from the inclemency of the weather.

All of the dune´s flora vegetation and fauna have to withstand extreme conditions and a difficult life. They have taken a great many years of evolution to adapt to a harsh, almost desert-like way of life, with strong sunshine during the day creating difficulties in fens of water retention and a near constant salty wind battering the fine grains of sand against them.

The plants have had to develop a variety of reticular systems in order to extract humidity from deep bellow of the sand; they prepare their leaves to retain water like sponges, or turn them into little channels carrying drops of dew directly to the stalk of the plant.

The various creatures inhabiting the dunes: birds, reptiles, amphibians and small insects have also adapted to the difficult conditions of the ecosystem, and so some of patience is needed to spot and observe them, given that most of them are perfectly integrated to the land. If you come across them, don’t frighten them, just take a snapshot of them as a souvenir.

  • Birds flying over the dunes
  • Wooden stairs to the dunes
  • Beachside ride


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