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Gourmet Club - Euskadi Gastronomika

Euskadi Gastronomika club logoThe Euskadi Gastronomika Product Club is a voluntary association of companies set up to organise and structure gastronomy-related tourism services in the region to maintain quality standards. The members of Euskadi Gastronomika range from producers and restaurants to canning companies and hotels.

The Euskadi Gastronomika brand is a differentiating factor that serves as both a means of communication and a guarantee of quality commitment for products and/or services purchased by the food tourism companies or services of the district who are members of the Euskadi Gastronomika product club.

Euskadi Gastronomika Members

  • Specialist accommodation
  • Orio kanpina (Orio)
  • Erretzabal Txiki - rural guesthouse (Orio)
  • Iribar - pension (Getaria)
  • Katrapona - pension (Getaria)
  • Saiaz - hotel (Getaria)
  • Txanka Erreka - hotel (Orio)
  • Restaurants
  • Balearri (Getaria)
  • Beheko Plaza (Zumaia)
  • Elkano (Getaria)
  • Euskalduna (Zarautz)
  • Galerna I (Orio)
  • Giroa (Getaria)
  • Kaia - Kaipe (Getaria)
  • Kandela (Zarautz)
  • Katxina (Orio)
  • Kirkilla (Zarautz)
  • Iribar (Getaria)
  • Gazteategi (Aia)
  • Politena (Getaria)
  • Talasoterapia Zelai (Zumaia)
  • Txoko (Getaria)
  • Grills
  • Basusta (Zumaia)
  • Bedua (Zumaia)
  • Cider houses - producers
  • Izeta (Aia)
  • Satxota (Aia)
  • Pintxo bars
  • Arkaitz (Orio)
  • Euskalduna (Zarautz)
  • Giroa (Getaria)
  • Itxas Lur (Zarautz)
  • Politena (Getaria)
  • Producers and wineries
  • Aroa (Getaria)
  • Ezkurtxerri (Getaria)
  • Maisor (Getaria)
  • Gaztaindizar (Zarautz)
  • Talai Berri (Zarautz)
  • Gourmet shops
  • Amona María (Getaria)
  • Maisor (Getaria)
  • Getaka (Getaria)
  • Salanort (Getaria)
  • Cakes and confectionery
  • Izarri (Getaria)
  • Tour Guides
  • Begi Bistan (Zumaia)
  • Kulturlan Bi (Zarautz)
  • Tourist Information Offices
  • Getaria Tourist Information Office
  • Orio Tourist Information Office
  • Zarautz Tourist Information Office
  • Zumaia Tourist Information Office

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