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Celebrations and events

  • 17th January:
    "San Anton" (Day of Txakoli wine). Txakoli tasting, rural sports, music...
  • 6th May:
    "Fiesta of the Anchovy "
  • 8th May:
    Fisherman’s day
  • Last Saturday in May:
    "Basque Fiesta"
  • First Sunday in June.
    "Tribute to Old Age"
  • 6th August:
    "San Salvador". Music, Basque Pelota matches, rural sports, popular lunch, concerts…
  • August: (everu 4 years, next in 2014)
    Elkano’s disembarkment
  • In summer:
    Water sports activities (rowing boat races: traineras, trainerillas, sailing…), exhibitions, concerts…
  • 11th May:
    Craft market
  • 23-25th May:
    Beer´s fair
  • 23th June:
    Witch’s night. Dance show on St John’s Eve…
  • 29th June:
    "San Pedro": open-air dances. Parade with Brass band, concerts…
  • 30th June:
    Fiesta of the cultural diversity
  • 18th, 19th, 20th & 21th:
    Fiesta of the Sea Brean
  • 20th July:
    Rowing races - ARC 2 League
  • 21st:
    Rowing races, ACT League, Flag of Orio estate agent’s
  • 31st August and 1st septembre:
    Stock fair
  • In summer:
    Concerts, rowing boat races, open-air cinema...
  • 6th December:
    "San Nicolas": open-air-dances, Parade with Brass band, concerts…
  • 26th Juin:
    "San Pelayo" local fiestas: open-air dances and festivals, drum festival…
  • 15th August:
    "Our Lady of the Assumption Festivity": rowing boat races, open-air dances….
  • First week in September:
    "Basque Week". Wine tasting, bertsolaris [verse improvisers in Basque], Basque dances competitions, open-air dances and festivals…
  • 9th September:
    Basque Fiesta. Theatre, open-air dances and festivals…
  • 3rd Saturday in September:
    Grape harvest day: "Txakoli Day"
  • In October:
    "Cuadrilla" Day. Concerts, rural sports, gokarts…
  • In summer:
    Artisan's Day, Painting Competition, Summer Music Series, clowns and puppet shows for children, popular open-air dances, sports events, professional Basque Pelota matches, art exhibitions, street theatre…
  • 17th April:
    "Day of Txakoli wine"
  • 27th & 28th April:
    Collector’s Plant Fair
  • 12nd May: "Ascent" Sunday
    Fair of agricultural products and crafts
  • 2nd June:
    Pagoeta Day and "Cuadrilla" Day
  • 6th and 10th August:
    San Donato & San Lorenzo fiestas. Sport competitions, "bertsolaris" (verse improvisers in basque), open-air dances, rural sports…
  • All year around:
    Challenges and bets on rural sports (oxen dragging stones, stone-lifters, woodchoppers...)
  • "San Telmo" fiestas:
    Two weeks after Easter Sunday
  • 27th May – 2nd June:
    Europeane week of Geoparpks
  • 1st – 7th June:
    Trade sector week
  • 20th – 23rd June:
    "Slow Zumaia", 4th Sustainable Gastronomy and Nature Workshop
  • 29th June:
    "San Pedro" fiestas
  • In August:
    Rowing boat races, gala open-air dance, Basque Fiesta
  • 3rd Saturday of September:
    "Octopus day"
  • In summer:
    Crafts Fair, International Music Festival, art exhibitions, music performances, street theatre…


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