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Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Aia and Orio, each with their own personality, make up the most intense, popular stretch of the Guipuzcoa coastline known as Urola Kosta.

Location of Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Aia and Orio on an imaginary line More info about Zumaia More info about Getaria More info about Zarautz More info about Aia More info about Orio

Between the mouths of the rivers Urola in Zumaia and Oria in Orio, Urola Kosta is an intense region with so many outstanding features that it is difficult to pick just one. Our recommendation would be to visit the five localities and choose for yourself.

Perhaps we could single out Zumaia, with its two museums and two beaches (Itzurun beach, set against a series of cliffs, is possibly the most beautiful of the Guipuzoa coastline). Or maybe Getaria, birthplace of a sailor, Elkano, and a couturier, Balenciaga, thanks to its charming port and "Ratón de Getaria" Natural Park. Or almost certainly Zarautz, the large Guipuzcoa tourist town, with the largest beach in the area and many, many things to see. Or, then again, it could be Orio, with its steep streets.

Whilst deciding which one to choose, or whether to choose them all, be sure to enjoy some wonderful grilled fish washed down with Txakoli wine from Getaria, or to change the blue landscapes for green, immersing ourselves in the scenery of Pagoeta (Aia).

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