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  • Grilled Fish
    The taste of Cantabrian - Gastronomic calendar
  • Old farmhouses in the mountains
    Pagoeta, green paradise by the sea
  • The Flysch seaside
    El Flysch, protected biotope
  • La mejor forma de conocer Kostaldea
    The best way of getting to know Kostaldea
  • New dictionary for visitors
Getaria 3 FASHIONG AND HERITAGE.CONTEXTS Fashion and Heritage mantain a pardoxical dialogue that contrast the ephemeral with the pe... See more
Orio Village square The Basque Coast Museum Network The Basque Coast has a rich and varied maritime heritage with many hidden spots and lands... See more
Zarautz Swamp Nature sites, the treasure trove of Zarautz Many parts of Zarautz offer spectacular scenery with rich biodiversity. They are often fou... See more
Aia Agorregi Agorregi foundry and mills - Guided Tours Don´t miss the chance to visit the Agorregi foundry and mills. Good reason to visit Pagoet... See more
Zumaia Enjoy the UNESCO Basque Coast Geopark! One of the best places in the world to study the history of the earth in one of the most s... See more
Highlights of our Coast
  • Kosta Gastronomika
  • Our Txakoli
  • Surfing on Basque Coast
  • Maritime heritage
  • Kosta Gastronomika
  • Our Txakoli
  • Surfing on Basque Coast
  • Maritime heritage
What is Basque Coast?Basque Coast Basque Country

Location of Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Aia and Orio on an imaginary line More info about Zumaia More info about Getaria More info about Zarautz More info about Orio More info about Aia

The towns of Orio, Aia, Zarautz, Getaria and Zumaia make up the Urola Coast. Mountains and sea merge in this wonderful region of many landscapes. See more

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